Sortbælte i Karate

Sortbælte i Karate

After 5 years of training came days Mette have looked forward to sidsen she was to pretest for her “Black belt” trial last fall.

The last three weeks have passed with intense karate training 3 times a week, and sometimes on weekends to be ready for the final black belt test held Sunday 8 November, 2015. Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning before the sample was the last details fine pus and rehearsed in the basement. It was a clearly nervous Mette who were going to try all alone, you. Torben had to participate as a judge and thus sit in dommerpanellet. But it is not the same as had a family by her side on the floor. Mette passed the test with very pleasing results and grades.

Nedenfor billeder fra bælte overrækelsen. DSC_9151 A tired group of karate students who have just completed one 4 hour karate trial. They are now waiting for their name being called out and have assigned their new belts, and karaterer.

DSC_9156 DSC_9157 DSC_9162
En lettet og glad Mette med det nye flotte sorte bælte 🙂

DSC_9170 Grandmaster Kreimer convey characters and take Mette and Jack sworn in as Black Belts at Keimers Karate.

Mette help of tying the new belt, when the English text should be on the left side where we have the American flag on his uniform.

DSC_9187Gruppefoto af instruktørholdet. Fra Venster Grandmaster Kreimer, his son Mr.. The Man, Ms. Mette, Mr. Torben and Mr. Randy

DSC_9181The owner of Kerimers Karate – Grandmaster Kreimer som en en 9 And.

En glad Mette som nu kan smile igen. The test is over and Mette can leave the room as Black belt with all her karate weapons.

DSC_9177Group photo of the entire team which was to karate trial. All passed with impressive results.

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  1. Audur - November 23, 2015

    Hvor er Mette bare sej.

    Tillykke med hendes sorte bælt:-)

    Knus fra Audur

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